The tango gift list 2016


As Christmas draws closer, here’s my annual list of treats for the tanguera or tanguero in your life (or for dropping hints for yourself!). From stocking fillers to indulgent gifts, scroll down for 10 great ideas and 3 picks from my shop. Click through to the Pinterest board for more.

1. Dancefloor Canvas Tote Bag, from £14.00 at Tangofolly.

2. Tango Dress, £119 by The London Tango Boutique.

3. ‘I’d Rather Be Dancing’ Mug, £6.95 at Stage Presence.

4. Tango Masters: Osvaldo Pugliese book by Michael Lavocah, £16.99 at Milonga Press.

5. Paul Smith silk pocket square, £50.00 at Liberty’s.

6. Red and black 12 inch Spanish fan, £24.95 at El Mundo Flamenco.

7. Skirt sewing pattern, £5.95 at Simplicity New Look.

8. Tanguito Tango Clothing voucher, £100.00 at Tanguito.

9. Twelve Minutes of Love book by Kapka Kassabova, from £2.00 at AbeBooks.

10. ‘I’d Rather Be Dancing’ laptop sleeve, £23.99 at RedBubble.

Here’s 3 picks from my shop. Gift vouchers are always available as well and can be used for custom orders.

1. Burgundy shoes by Turquoise in size 3.5, £126.

2. Unisex dance sneakers by Very Fine in size 5.5, £50.

3. Red and gold shoes by Mr Tango Shoes  in size 5, £112.

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