Thank you

After six and a half years Amy’s is now closed. In 2014 I set out to shake up the tango shoe market and was amazed by the response. It’s been a fun, creative, challenging experience that was also surprisingly rewarding: the feedback I’ve enjoyed from happy dancers and brides has by far been the best part. Thank you so much to everyone who supported my business over the years.

I’ve been asked why I’m winding up the business and it’s primarily to do with a lack of time and a massive rise in costs. I wish it were still feasible to import my beautiful shoes on a larger scale as I’d love to see these brands really blossom in the UK but I could not do it without a significant financial burden. Importing has been difficult since the pound took a tumble in 2016 and is in the throes of becoming much more complicated as the government figures out new trading rules.

The pandemic has been the final straw on any chance of successfully importing enough stock again to make the business viable. I kept the online shop open a while to sell off remaining stock. It is now closed and what is left is available on my eBay page (quite a few of them are “best offer” so do take advantage and make me a good offer!).

I’m still responding to enquiries as usual if you need help and advice on what to choose. I’ll also be keeping my blog open as I very much enjoy writing and have a lot of draft posts I look forward to completing.

If you’ve bought my shoes before and fallen in love with them you can order directly from my suppliers:

Mr Tango Shoes make women’s and men’s styles to order and you can fully customise your shoes. They regularly offer incentives on multiple pairs, birthday discounts and other great treats. Expect to wait about 5 or 6 weeks for your shoes to be made and shipped and pay about $35 for shipping to the UK. You can order securely on their website or contact them via chat or email and pay through PayPal.

Turquoise produce new designs every few months and you can buy from the current stock on their website. They take credit card and bank transfer. Shipping rates can vary so drop them a line to check. Their shop is open Tuesday to Saturday. Also check out their sister brand Touchline for tango clothing. Look out for Turquoise on Instagram and Facebook as they usually post new style announcements there.

Very Fine sell their stock through their retail website and sometimes through Amazon and eBay. Contact them for a shipping estimate and to discuss custom orders.

For now, thank you again for your support and I hope to see you on the dancefloor when it is safe to gather again.


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