6 great tango resources

Photo of old drawer label marked tango
In need of some free tango music, help deciphering a term or inspiration for mastering a step? Here’s six of my favourite online resources.

TodoTango Playlist

One of the more active online radio sites. Go to the “today’s playlist” page and hit the play button. Great for getting in the mood for practice at home. There’s also a smartphone app.

Alberto Paz’s lyrics site

A huge resource of translations of song lyrics and the stories behind compositions.

Tango Nation 100 Steps

As an improvisational dance, tango does not lend itself to being pigeonholed into separate moves and 8-counts but when you’re learning, having some way of organising and revising the components can be very helpful.

Years ago my teacher at Tango Nation recorded demonstrations of known steps in videos of 25, 50 and 100. They’ve become very popular on YouTube and I often revisit the 50 steps video. There’s also links on the site to exercises and advanced patterns.

Tanguito Class Videos

The excellent teachers over at Tanguito upload videos of their classes regularly and they are great to dip into for a refresher on anything you’re struggling with. Whilst a video will never replace in-person tuition, it can help jog the memory and improve your at-home practice.

Learning Tango Glossary

This glossary helpfully gives English and Spanish together so you don’t get in a maze trying to locate the translations. It also mentions terms where there is more than one name, something that can lead to confusion in lessons.

As a companion piece, read this cautionary note on getting hung up on jargon:

Ms Hedgehog Basic Terms

13 tango terms written for beginners but a good read however long you’ve been dancing.


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