4 great tango blogs to follow

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With all work I did on the new Amy’s website over the summer, I didn’t have time to write anything new for this blog, so for this article I’m handing over to four tango bloggers whom I heartily recommend following for interesting and thoughtful articles.

Andrea’s Tango Site

Screenshot of Andreas Tango Site webpage

Andrea Bindereif posts only occasionally but her pieces are most definitely worth the wait. She writes about music and her milonga experiences along with a whole host of other subjects. Her most recent article, So what’s with the bandoneon?, is a very accessible primer for anyone wanting to learn more about the iconic instrument.

Wisconsin Tango Blog

Screenshot of Wisconsin Tango Blog webpage

Joe Yang of Wisconsin Tango is a very active blogger. He hosts regular podcasts with tango guests, publishes helpful videos from his own teaching and writes motivational posts that land in your inbox like a timely little nudge to keep at it. Perfect if you’re ever feeling a bit stuck in your tango learning. Try this one: Don’t get stuck in the past; and this one: Tango is messy.

Ms Hedgehog

Screenshot of MsHedgehog webpage

One of the most well-known tango bloggers, Ms Hedgehog writes on a huge variety of topics in a distinctive voice that is a pleasure to read and often laugh-out-loud funny. This year I’ve enjoyed her reminder to watch this mesmerising piece of animation and her playlist, with videos, for followers learning to lead. Be sure to scroll through her back catalogue of articles for some really great reads.

Melina’s Two Cents

Screenshot of Melinas Two Cents webpage

Melina Sodo writes about tango as both dancer and teacher. As a psychologist she has an interesting angle on tango topics. This is one of my favourites: Confusing Kisses and Embraces. Melina writes an annual list of recommended events for the following year. If you’re planning ahead for 2019, this is a great place to start: Encuentros and Festivalitos Milongueros 2019.


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