What to take on tango holidays


It’s that time of year for jetting off to blissful days and weeks of tango in far-flung locales. Amid the excitement of planning and anticipating your tango schedule, what do you decide to pack?

The popular tango blogger, Ms Hedgehog, wrote an excellent post on this topic a few years ago. She describes what she packed for a weekend of tango in Europe. My favourite takeaway from her advice is deciding on a colour scheme and not varying your outfits too much.

I’m a self-confessed cobalt blue addict but some failsafe colour schemes I’ve seen on the dancefloor are black and red, pink with gold or silver, black and white, and navy and green. The same colour scheme idea applies for men, but with perhaps the added rule of taking more shirts than you think you need so you can change when the milonga gets sweaty.

If you’re going somewhere where you’ll be dancing on back-to-back days, you will need more than one pair of shoes. Shoes need to rest and recover for a day between outings. If you’re not sure what the floor surfaces will be like, take a good pair and your trusty almost-worn-out-don’t-care-if-they-get-ruined pair so you have options. For leather soles, make sure you’ve got a sturdy credit card for scraping off floor gunk. For suede, pack a brush. (I sell nifty folding ones that pack small and cover the wire bristles). When I’m travelling I like to stuff the toes of my shoes with tissue paper before I bag them. It stops them from getting too squashed and is great for helping shoes recover – absorbing moisture and restoring their shape.

The only things I would add to Ms Hedgehog’s list are a pair of close fitting cotton socks and a little bottle or tub of thick lotion. Before you go to bed after dancing, slather your feet in the lotion, put on the socks, and by morning any soreness, rough bits and blisters will have gone. Magic!

Happy tango travels my friends.


What’s on your tango holiday packing list? Share your tips in the Leave a Reply box below!


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