Ideas for shoe storage and transport

To get the most life out of your tango shoes, store and transport them with care. Yes, that means not leaving them in a pile at the bottom of the wardrobe! Here’s some of my favourite ideas for storing and carrying shoes covering a wide variety of tastes and budgets. Click the picture below to see the whole list on Pinterest or scroll down for my favourites.

1. A stylish shoe rack for displaying your most beautiful pairs. £45 at The Organised Home.

2. Turn an understair space into shoe storage with this sturdy shelf set. £34.99 at Argos.

3. Lightweight, roomy tote with lovely lining and multiple pockets. £12.99 at Mountain Warehouse.

4. Compact, shoe-shaped bag for minimalist transport. £8.95 at Dancewear 365.

5. Rubberwood and steel two tier shoe rack, holds about 6 pairs. £45 at John Lewis.

6. Organise 20 pairs for under £13! Pack of 20 stackable, fold flat shoe boxes with dividers and holes for air circulation. £12.99 at Amazon.

7. A great little wardrobe solution to stop your shoes sitting on top of one another. It could also be used on a shelf. If the tiers aren’t high enough for your heels, lay them on their side in their shoe bag. £12.99 at Argos.

8. The ultimate tango bag, the Mille Poches, designed especially for tango dancers. £89 at Tanguito.

9. Petite wheeled suitcase for tango weekends with nice blue lining. Weighing only a smidge over 2kg it has room for clothes and shoes and lots of useful pockets. £51.99 at Bags Etc.

10. Nicely designed small holdall with side opening pocket for shoes. Also in purple, pink, blue and black. £16.99 at Katz Dancewear.

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